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Apr 5, 2008 02:15 PM

Ryleigh's Oyster Bar

We intended to go for happy hour oysters while the kids hit Matsuri but arrived after 7:00, too late for happy hour. Anyway we tried the blue points and peconics(?) and the grilled calamari. The oysters were fresh and tasted of the ocean. The squid was browned and tender served on a chick pea puree with a balsamic reduction; tender with a touch of sweet. The calamari combo worked surpisingly well. The shucker was rather slow so luckly there weren't many oyster eaters there. This place does not have the look and feel of what I'd expect from an oyster bar but the food was very good and I'd go back especially for the $1 oyster happy hour.

We ended the night with a little sushi from Matsuri. An Oriole roll (spicy tuna and avacodo inside with salmon outside) and tuna, yellowtail and salmon sashimi. Very good eats. All and all a nice night out on a cold rainy Thursday.

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  1. When is the $1 oyster happy hour?

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    1. re: kelarry

      Happy hour is 3-7 PM M-F, but call to make sure.

      They have a couple of oyster shuckers there. Pete (I think that's his name) is the best -- he's pretty fast. The others I've seen aren't as speedy.

      I love Ryleigh's, especially for the oyster happy hour. I need to go in to try the menu items, but so far all I've had has been appetizers. I have a dinner with an old friend in a couple of weeks -- I think Ill suggest we meet there.

    2. Went back to Ryleigh's last night (Tue) for happy hour. The atmosphere was much livelier than my last visit and had more of that oyster bar feel that I thought was previously lacking. The $1 oysters were great, the $2 crabs were just OK, the fried calamari was tender but not crisp and a little too salty for my taste (get the grilled) and the corn on the cob was excellent. Also a good variety of $3 beers. I recommend this place for oyster lovers.

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      1. re: jfish

        My first visit was a similar day to your first visit with threats of sleet and rain, also on a Thursday. We were with friends and the weather probably kept the people home.

        At any rate the incredible variety of oysters and the lack of customers created the impression of an undiscovered, under appreciated find! We loved it of course and on our return a few weeks later discovered the place to be well patronised and very lively. (To think I thought I'd have all those oysters to myself :)

      2. My husband is an oyster hound. Currently we go to Mama's on the Half or Bo Brooks (when they have them) to get his fix. Is Ryleigh's the type of restaurant that we could bring an infant carseat carrier for our 7 month old (or would they have a highchair)?

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        1. re: cece_balti

          No idea on the high chair. The downstairs has tables separated by bars at both sides of the room, but they're mostly high tables with bar stool type chairs. That might be difficult.

          The upstairs I think is more dining like, but it's not always open. You might want to call.

          For sheer variety of oysters I'd put Ryleigh's abov either of the two you listed. They usually have 8-10 different types, including some west coast varieties.

          1. re: JonParker

            When I was there two weeks back, they were up to 14 different types, including three west coast. I need to start writing down the names and noting what I like, because some of the varieties have been literally sublime.

            (Also, I think the happy hour Monday runs all night from 5 on, not 3, and Tuesday is from 3 throughout the evening.)

          2. re: cece_balti

            Ryleigh's does have highchairs. We've been seated upstairs when the downstairs is busy, plenty of room for the highchair. We have also sat downstairs at a regular table (with the highchair).