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Apr 5, 2008 01:52 PM

What else to do with overripe bananas?

I freeze them for smoothies, and try different banana bread recipes (though I've yet to find one that doesn't keep me searching for more) but what else do you do with a bunch of overripe bananas?

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  1. pancakes.....
    i love banana bread - I make banana cake - just use a lighter bread recipe. THen I use banana and rum in the icing - so good. Banana must be very ripe - I find the very ripe ones out of the freezer are perfect for icing. I use butter and 10x - rum takes the place of vanilla - I use double the amount I would for vanilla - A little milk or cream to adjust

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    1. cake...with chocolate frosting

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        1. re: Janet

          They're too overripe for Bananas Foster...that's one of my favorite desserts though!

        2. has a Banana Breakfast Coffee cake with streusel-nut topping. They also have Banana cupcakes with a Lemon cream cheese frosting listed on same page.

            1. re: Uncle Bob

              Love that, but with firmer bananas! I add a little cinnamon too... it's also good on a waffle spread with peanut butter!