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Apr 5, 2008 01:14 PM

Colors - Anyone been recently?

I remember reading that former employees of Windows on the World (World Trade Center) would be opening a new restaurant - Colors. But I've never heard anyone say that they have eaten there. Has anyone been recently? Is it worth a visit?

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  1. I haven't been, but I just read (I think on eater) that they came very close to closing recently. A lot of the original staff left, but some new people were brought in and managed to turn things around financially so that they can remain open. If you do go, I hope you will report back and let us know if *you* think it's worth going to. :-)

    1. I posted a report a while back but for some reason it disappeared. Here's a summary:
      1. we've been 3 times and each time the place seemed to be struggling -- struggling to find its way, struggling to fill up the space with customers.
      2. we really wanted to like it and were hoping it would be a good, dependable spot for us since we live in the neighborhood.
      But there were too many problems:
      1. it is overpriced for the sort of food and the size of portions;
      2. there have been major service problems each time we've gone:
      a. the service has been exceedingly slow. One time we brought a job candidate and instead of impressing him, it ended up being so slow it was frustrating. More than 40 minutes between certain courses. Wrong orders so that things needed to be returned;
      b. the worst was one night we took friends there and agreed to split the bill. Somewhere between our table and the credit card machine, the waiter lost our friend's card and charged everything to us. Not only did this put a squeeze on our credit card budget but there was about a half an hour of panic for our friend who couldn't believe that a restaurant could lose a patron's card. Eventually, it was found. Minimal apologies, no offer of any complimentary anything.

      Don't get me wrong. I am willing to forgive a lot in a restaurant and in this restaurant's case, the intentions were so admirable that I would have gone a lot further in forgiveness. But each time we went turned out to be so uncomfortable an experience that it seemed hard to keep going back.

      And I should note that for a restaurant that is supposed to be all about how everything pooled together and evolved personal recipes, there was an amazing ignorance on the staff's part of anything being served - what was in it, how it was prepared, what sides came with it, what certain terms meant.

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        The kind of experience you had are, obviously, what brought the restaurant to the brink of closing. I taket you haven't been there very recently? Perhaps, many of these issues are now being addressed....