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Apr 5, 2008 12:53 PM

thai--north shore suffolk county

Looking for a better than just decent thai restaurant . Is Thai Angel still around? Where is it?

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  1. From the good reviews, I've been wanting to try Chaophaya in Kings Park for a long time

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    1. Chaophaya in Kings Park is good, but I prefer Thai House in Smithtown. Thai Gourmet in Port Jeff Station has wonderful food, but is more casual.

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        We ate at Thai House last week - it was the best Thai I've had on LI. I haven't been to Chaophaya yet.

      2. Three of us had an excellent Thai meal last night, the best I've ever had on Long Island, at the new Sri Thai on New St. in Huntington. Only caveat, as always, order dishes sans added sugar, which is overused here, as elsewhere, in some dishes. We shared greaseless fried calamari ( I know, I know), a dish of sauteed squid with vegetables, and the best crispy duck I think I've ever had. It was greaseless, very crisp skinned, perfectly seasoned and the basil sauce I ordered it with (4 choices) was very well balanced. The duck meat was extremely moist. My husband ordered a chicken dish with peanut sauce but didn't specify no suger; it tasted candied, so I'd skip that unless dessert for dinner is your thing. Green beans with cashews and chili peppers were excellent, bright green, crisp, well seasoned.

        The restaurant is attractive, servers are very gracious; they don't have a beer and wine license yet, I forgot to ask about BYOB.

        Highly recommend this spot.

        1. thai angel is in islandia off of vets highway in the same shopping center as wal-mart and dave and busters.