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Apr 5, 2008 12:39 PM

New Asian Village - Edmonton

Although I've been to the one on Sask drive many times and have also eaten both lunch and dinner at the one on the South side, I was wondering what the West end one was like. I'm sure the food is the same. By that I mean, I expect a certain taste from their food and they usually deliver. I do like that every time I've gone to any of their buffets there's been different dishes added. The last time we were at the Southside location, they had this chili chicken that was very enjoyable. Although they could have kicked up the spice a couple of notches, but that's beside the point. I know they make it milder when it comes to buffet. And the buffet is a lot cheaper if you want to enjoy several dishes.

I'm taking my mom for Indian food for her birthday next weekend (Sat, 12th). I thought it'd be fun to try a different location and although I know buffet isn't a nice classy meal, she LOVES Indian and since we had it for our theme Christmas eve meal this past year, she's talked about that place quite a bit since.

Anyways, food aside, what's the feel like at the West end location? When we went to the Southside one for supper, on a Sat a few months back, it felt very impersonal. It has a more open concept and there were so many people. It was pretty loud. I don't want to take my mom there. The Sask drive one is, well, a bit outdated. Although it holds a special place in my heart. (Have they renovated?? I have been in a few years)

Thoughts? Heck if you can't understand why I'd take her there, let me know. I've only eaten Indian at two places in Edmonton. Khazana was the other place and all I kept thinking was why aren't we eating at New Asian..LOL...but, that was a while ago (2003??)

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  1. Hi livetocook, your impressions of the Sask drive location is what I can recall from my last visit a few years back too (guessing it was winter of 2004), so am too curious if its changed at all since. Wasn't even aware of other locations in the city - though I haven't really lived there for a long time. I've also only been to Khazana once too, but recall we got our server to give us a tour of the kitchen even though it was a busy place. Not sure how that came about as its a long time ago.

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      Yes, Jay-kay, several locations have popped up over the past few years. The most recent is in the North end (but, I didn't particularly want to go to that one because it's the furthest away).

      I should point out that one of my closest friends has been to the West end when they first started expanding and I remember her saying they bought furniture etc from India to decorate the place. They have this at the Southside also but, my concern is whether its noisy and impersonal like I found SS. I'd ask her but, she lives far away and isn't that easy to get a hold of. Also, well, I need a Chowhound's perspective. Although my mom isn't a snobbish as I am when it comes to food (and I don't think I'm THAT bad), she does have her moments :P

    2. Well we went to the West end one last night and it was great! Arriving at 6pm, the place was quieter than I expected which I was pretty happy about. Fighting at the buffet is never fun.

      We had a really nice gentleman seat and serve us and throughout the evening, the other staff were equally attentive in keeping our drinks filled and dishes cleared. Come to think of it. The service was refreshing considering the lack thereof in this town.

      The buffet area is in a more condensed area than the south side but, the food was just as tasty. The seating was intimate like the one on Sask drive. I really liked it.

      We were very casual while eating and really took our time to enjoy the food and each other's company. It wasn't until after 7pm when I noticed the buffet line really picked up. I also noticed that although the seating area is smaller, there are tables downstairs and another tiny room off to the left side of the buffet with more seating.

      I never did tell her where we were taking her for her B-day so she was really happy when we pulled up to the door. After oohing and ahhing over her butter chicken, in the end her favorite dish was the Mattar Paneer. I'm a Saag Paneer fan mysef but, this stuff was equally fantastic.

      The only negative thing I can think of was they didn't have those copper cups (??) they serve water in. There's something about drinking water out of those. But, that was fine. I enjoyed my Indian beer.

      I would totally recommend this place. Yum-mie!

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        1. I've seen that site before and from what I found just now, they had a violation for utensil storaged that dated back to the summer of 07. The Sask drive one had many more violations. So yes it is nice that the journal has that but, it only goes to Sept 07. Not very current. But that's beside the point. The food and service were great and none of us got sick.

          From the horror stories I've heard from a pest exterminator we use at work, I'm glad I can still set foot in some of my favorite Asian restaurants.

          So, New Asian Village isn't unique to food violations. I'm a huge fan of Pagolac and one of my buddies at work was bugging me about their food violations. I've never gotten sick there either and am glad I can't see past that swinging door.

          I'm sure this is true for many cities.