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Apr 5, 2008 11:21 AM

Col Legno closure

One of my old faves. Great Tuscan tomato soup, fried baby artichokes, pork chops, flattened chicken. Where has he gone? I vaguely remember the owner's saying that his lease was coming up.

Any news?


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  1. This was an old standby of mine as well (I favored the vegetable lasagna) but I cannot say I am surprised. The last time I went there was around 8:00 on a Friday or Saturday night, and it was almost empty. A shame...

    1. Col Legno was our go to place near the public theatre (or just for great reasonably priced food) for about eighteen years. We're devastated that it closed, but it was clear that the owner (Chris) was no longer having fun, even though the food was delicious to the end. It was indeed a lease renewal with a huge increase that encouraged him to close. It's one of those restaurants that we will miss and mourn for years.

      I think the rent rises in the last few years have been startling, and it's an increasing struggle for straightforward neighborhood places to survive. Everyone seems to need a gimmick. I read on some boards about "cocktail programs" at new restaurants and I want to cry.