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Apr 5, 2008 11:19 AM

KC Kansas: Snow's Meat Locker

hi there. i'm reading a collection of james villas' writings, and he mentions Snow's Meat Locker. i was wondering if this place still exists, it sounds great. any info appreciated.

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  1. We bought our meat from Snow's at one of the restaurants where I was the chef. I loved Snow's! Sadly, I do not believe they have been in business for a number of years. The closest thing to it would be Bichelmeyer's.

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      aw shucks. thanks for the quick response, & letting me know, Zataar.

      here's a little passage, from james villas' "stalking the green fairy":

      " . . . If the perfect steak I once tasted indeed still existed, according to the history of the meat-processing business, it had to reside in the Midwest, more than likely in a small, privately owned processing plant that supplied superior beef only to a local area. . . The name of that market was Snow's Meat Locker, located on some offbeat side street in Kansas City, Kansas. . . As I hopefully anticipated, it was one of the few remaining family enterprises in the entire Midwest that still slaughtered, aged, processed, and sold its beef right on the premises."

      villas went on to interview i. o. snow, who told him with pride that he'd been in the meat business 54 years and never sold a pound of meat outside of kansas city, or shipped anywhere. fantastic.

      1. re: soupkitten

        I remember Snow's from when I was little. Great meat and really good smoked brisket and ham. Pretty close to the corner of 7th and Barnett.

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          When our restaurant got meat from Snow's it was at 4th and Kansas, I think. Did they have wholesale location? I remember walking in a seeing all sorts of carcass hanging. They really were good. We gave them a special sausage recipe to make for us; it was alway perfect.