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Apr 5, 2008 11:14 AM

Night Out for Parents- South Worcester County

Any suggestions for a quiet,delicious place where you're not rushed...

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  1. I'm thinking Sonoma in Princeton, with the caveat that its been a couple of years since we ate there. But nice restaurants are few and far between in Northern Worcester County.

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    1. re: ChinaCat

      Sonoma is Northern..she wants Southern. What about the Whistling Swan? I went there once and it was very nice.

      1. re: phelana

        Can't trust the swan these days. Food has markedly gone downhill. Rovezzi's in Sturbridge is good...really neat little Italian restaurant just outside of Southbridge is Two Cousins Pasta and Grill. A small family owned and operated place with good food, good prices and nice people. Take 198/Eastford Road out of the center of Southbridge.

    2. Alicante in Mendon. Great location on the water makes this a nice spot in the spring and summer, but the food is great year-round. One of our favorites in Worcester County, and the best choice by far south of Worcester.

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      1. re: JPchowhound

        I called Alicante at 8 ;ast night. They had a 11/2 hour wait. Ended up at Tomasso and had a fab meal.

      2. Depends on your heading- Rovezzi's is a great place in Worcester at the North Works, I like the Publick house in Sturbridge, and Salem Cross on Rte 9. Pinelli's Cucina in North Smithfield RI is just over the border off 146 and try to get a booth to the right of the dining room.Alicante in Mendon is great, pricey and packed most weekends. New England Steak House a few miles up the road has a really good menu and just over 495 on 109 Restaurant 45 is quite reliable.

        1. Alicante ad Pinelli's would be my choices for southern worc. county