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Apr 5, 2008 10:58 AM

Welch's chocolate covered fudge bar

Does anybody remember Welch's chocolate covered fudge candy bar? It was the best candy bar ever. I used to buy them all the time in the '60's for 25 cents. It was a fudge center with a great fudgy texture covered with chocolate. Sometime around 1967, the candy company put out a so called "improved" candy bar where they made the inside smooth and creamy. It was nowhere as good as the original and then I never saw it again. I heard that Welch's candy got bought out by Nabisco or Nestle but they didn't continue making the candy bar. Does anybody have a reasonable substitute for the fudge bar?

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  1. I know it doesn't help much, but here's a photo from the National Candy Wholesalers catalog with the different Welch's bars.

    I don't recall the exact timeline, but Welch's ended up being made by Nabisco and then were sold off to Tootsie. Tootsie still makes Junior Mints, Sugar Babies & Sugar Daddy.
    Some of the products are now made by Tootsie (Junior Mints and Sugar Daddy). I don't know for sure that the license for the different fudge-type bars were also transfered.

    I know some folks are on the prowl for the old fudge bars.

    My advice is to find a local fudge shop or bakery that makes that sort of thing and describe it and see if they'd be willing to give it a try. (Then let everyone know on Chowhound, so they can descend on that shop and give it a try too!)

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      Thanks for responding. It was good to see pictures of the old candy bars from years ago. Alot of them were better than anything made today. I still like junior mints. I don't know why there weren't replacements for some of the candy bars like the Frappe and Fudge bar. They were good and very popular back then. I 've looked at several candy/fudge shops for something similar but never found anything. I did try to get the Vermont Country store to bring back the fudge bar because they do have some vintage or hard to find candy but all they did was thank me for the suggestion but didn't implement the idea.

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        WELCHES FUDGE BAR was my favorite, they were indescribable, amazing flavor and texture. and all for just .25 Have no idea why they stopped making them, they were very popular, but then again thats how it works, something is GOOD and POPULAR so they get rid of it. WISH THEY WOULD BRING IT BACK along with the COCONUT GROVE BARS, yummy...

        1. re: im_nomad

          I grew up in Cincinnati and as a youngster I really looked forward to buying the Welch's Fudge bar, I remember buying them in the 50's for a nickel. Wish they still made that candy bar. It was sooooo Good.

        2. I remember that candy bar as being the best I have ever eaten!! I also contacted Vermont Country store and got nothing back from them. The candy bar we are talking about is the one in the blue and white wrapper, on the top right side of the following link:

          If anybody can come up with a source I'd start buying them again.

          1. I loved the Frappe bars Welch's used to make, so thanks typetive for the ad picture; it made my mouth water just looking at it. I used to buy a Fudge Bar and a Frappe on the way home from school almost every day. No wonder I was such a pudge as a kid. There was also a candy bar the Peter Paul made which had a whipped chocolate center surrounded by a dark chocolate shell. Does anyone know that one and remember the name?

            1. I just Googled "remember Fudge candy bar?" and I found your blog. I dream of finding this candy bar, too! I like truffles because they're sort of ...well not really.. Ive yet to come close to the pleasure of a Fudge bar. I was a little girl when my dad would stop in for gas a Sample's grocery store in Lyon Mountain,NY . A real blast from the past! I enjoy seeing the photos in replies. I will keep checking and perhaps I will check into Rambach's International Bakery in Plattsburgh, NY. They make amazing unique cakes, pastries and chocolates. Keep Searching.