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Apr 5, 2008 10:45 AM

La Costa Farms Stand: only produce now

For years, the fruit and vegetable stand on La Costa Blvd and Saxony Road has been a great source of good produce and specialty items. I stopped by this morning for some just-picked-this-morning stawberries (excellent, by the way).

Unfortunately, they had a visit from the Health Department, and now can only sell produce. No tamales, no bread, no chocolate dipped strawberries, not even honey. My favorite fix (apart from the strawberries) was a bag of El Nopalito chips, and some cooked salsa (Rojo's?), plus a few tamales. Not a big loss for me, since I can get them at El Nopalito, but a huge adjustment for the fruit stand. Apparently they are required to have a kitchen in a permanent building.

The produce is still there, and it's consistently good, so I hope they can survive this latest wrinkle in the health code. It will be a shame if we lose them.

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  1. They still have the strawberries though right?

    1. So their wonderful more?? :(

      (I do love their corn and strawberries, though!)

      1. wow--that's strict! I would think that they should be able to sell anything as long as it's commercially produced and packaged. Honey?! (I can understand on the tamales) Were they selling it in old margarine tubs?! WTHeck?

        Our local veg grower sells all sorts of packaged food. Maybe they could branch out and carry more products from certified kitchens.

        1. I am in the same boat as you, I can just trek to El Nopalito and pick up my chips and salsa. but whaa? I don't see the difference between them and a farmers market, and the farmers markets seem to be still selling the things that are verboten at the La Costa farm stand, and the farmers markets might be selling things that are even more delicate to handle, such as oysters.

          1. AHHHHH what a bummer.... i got some great challah there before.