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Apr 5, 2008 10:38 AM

Afternoon Tea in SF area.

Afternoon Tea in SF.

I am looking for an original English afternoon tea in SF area... Looking for one with Canapes, desserts, scones with clotted cream and of course a good tea.
It could be from a small place with good afternoon tea.
Please if you can include price range and what they offer.

Thank you all.

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  1. A comprehensive list, though I've only tried Lovejoy's as it was near my house--and I loved it:

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    1. re: rccola

      We have enjoyed Lovejoys two or three times with my tea group. We also really loved Tal-Y-Tara, but no canapes, not even really a traditional tea. The fancy hotel teas are pretty pricey, and the servers are not likely to know much about tea.
      We went to one place (no longer on the list, so I won't mention which) where I ordered rose petal tea (which was on the menu) and they served me rose hip tea. When i commented on it, they said "It came from the rose petal bin." and offered no correction or compensation. We have had that kind of response at several of the hotels, though not quite that bad. We had a group, usually about a dozen of us, who went to every tea place we could. We wore hats, for goodness sake.

    2. Also try California Tearooms:
      Lovejoy's is a safe bet for "English tea" and usually about $20/person,
      but for something a little more casual with more food for less $$, check out
      Leland's Tea Company on Bush St. Will, the owner is so nice, the food is great
      and you can get a High Tea for 2 for $21.95 (no canapes though).

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        Sound like great options... I check the LoveJoys internet menu, and looks great and very good thank you all for mention it...
        I am taking notes :),

      2. A rich friend took me to the Garden Court for tea, and it was lovely; don't pass out from the prices, but do take a look at the beautiful room:

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          Well the room looks beautiful... but $40 dlls for an afternoon tea p/p or $48 with wine, I will need to think about it... :( Is a little bit too expensive for me.
          But thanks for sharing the expirience. :)

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            But please keep your opinions comming..