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Apr 5, 2008 10:33 AM

private function room providence?

hey all-

im looking for a private function room for 10-12 people (including 2 small kiddies), ideally in providence. people are fairly open to interesting food, even the kids!

any ideas??


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  1. The Fabre Line Club at 200 Allens Avenue in the Conley Wharf building has a nice space on the 4th floor. You can rent it out for parties and such. I think they have a catering staff, but you can also bring in your own caterer. Call Nicole at 274-1787. (Might also be listed under Providence Piers)

    1. The Providence Oyster Bar has a small room upstairs that seats about 15 -20 people. Lots of good seafood and some other choices as well. Their menu is online.

      1. I think the Blue Grotto has a smaller private dining area.