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Apr 5, 2008 10:26 AM

Caffeine Free Tea in UK?

This may sound like a dumb question, but I am wondering if places that serve afternoon tea have caffeine free teas available. My husband and I are vacationing in the UK in 3 weeks and I'd like to take afternoon tea somewhere, but we don't drink caffeine. I'm wondering if tea places offer caffeine free teas. Thanks!

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  1. This was years ago but when I had tea at Harrods, it was no problem for me to get Chamomile tea.

    1. Not nearly as commonly available as caffeine free coffee.

      I'm guessing that you are visiting London, so have only Googled on that city (if you're visiting somewhere else, please say). The Dorchester and the Ritz both mention caffeine free tea on their websites. There may well be others but I didnt dig deeper.

      Herbal teas will be readily available - but I don't drink tea and don't know if they normally have caffiene.

      1. Thanks for the replies! We will be in Bath, London, the Cotswolds, and the Lake District.

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          In the Lakes, you'll find afternoon tea at most of the good "country house" hotels, although their websites are not forthcoming with caffeine information, you might be interested in Sharrow Bay, Holbeck Ghyll, Linthwaite House. The last two are good hotels with fine restaurants, BTW - thoroughly recommended.

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            Pack a few bags of your own decaf if its important to you. Im sure any place you go will understand you using your own if they dont have a decaf on offer.

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              That's a great idea! I will do this, just in case. Thanks for all the replies!

          2. Herbal teas are widely available - think mint, camomile, fruit etc. I'm not sure about decaffeinated regular tea because I don't drink it.

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