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Apr 5, 2008 10:23 AM

What kind of brown rice does Pei Wei use?

I'm absolutely in love with Pei Wei's brown rice! I've bought a bunch of different brands at the store, but none of them seem to compare in flavor to what I get at Pei Wei. Does anyone know who makes their brown rice? Or perhaps there's just some ingredient I'm not thinking to add when I make my own at home?

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  1. I have also been on this quest and just today found this article http://www.chainleader.com/index.asp?... In it Director of Culinary Operations Eric Justice says they use "Chinese brown rice" I don't know what that is but plan trying to find it. Good luck!

    1. They use a short grain brown rice. Try Lunberg's Organic Brown Rice. Not sure after all this time you will get an email response but for all you pei wei brown rice lovers, this is the deal. Nutty flavor, not soggy. Just lovely

      1. Yes Lundberg short grain. It has the same nutty flavor and texture. The brown rice of my dreams!!!