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Apr 5, 2008 10:10 AM

Organic U-Pick berries/fruit in the Bay Area?

Anyone know of any organic (or at least no-spray) U-Pick farms that have berries or any other fruit in the Bay Area?

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  1. Probably have to call some of the farms listed on this site

      Swanton Berry Farm, if you bike in, you get a discount!

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        swanton... nice! thanks. any others, anyone?

        1. re: peppatty

          FWIW, Swanton berries are some of tne best I have ever had. Up the road from Swanton (north) on Highway 1 you can pick Kiwi, although I don't know what one would do with all that Kiwi.

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            Swanton also has u-pick olallieberries a few miles north of the strawberry farm.

          2. Phipp's Country Store and Farm in Pescadero has u-pick strawberries, olallieberries and strawberries. They don't use any pesticides. See the website for picking seasons.

            1. Anyone know any places for u-pick in the North Bay? the ones listed here all sound great but they're either out by Santa Cruz or way beyond Concord torwards Sacramento. I also want organic or chemical-free. Thanks!

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                Try Sonoma County Farm Trails click on Visit Our Farms and you can search for u-picks.