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Apr 5, 2008 10:08 AM

Quick--Ironbound Newark NJ Portuguese

I have been to Iberia, it was OK, not bad, not great. Looking for a place for tonight that is fun and lively, and yes great food. Considering Tony Da Caneca's or Forno's. I sure would love some live music I fear we may end up at Iberia's again because no one in my group is sure where to go, please help me--quick!

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  1. No music at these places, but the food is great:
    Casa Vasca (pkg lot)-real Ironbound experience, you'll wait for a table even w/a res
    Adega Grill (pkg lot)-more upscale setting, slightly higher $ but still great and if you're into it, they have a 'club' in the next space over for dancing/drinking after dinner
    Seabra's Marisqueiria (same pkg lot as Adega)-minimal atmosphere, great seafood, great bar dining if you're interested

    If you search this board or Google, you'll find plenty of details on all 3.

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    1. re: Curlz

      If I must venture into Newark, I always opt for Spain. I would still say Don Pepe's but you can get that in Pine Brook and dont have to go into Newark.

      Ora, where did you wind up going?

      1. re: MelissaC1

        Iberia's--the big one, not the tavern. We had fun and huge amount of food, no live music. Iberia's, whie not perfect is definately a value proposition, especially in a group situation.