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Apr 5, 2008 09:21 AM

Tart on Fairfax (Farmers Daughter Motel)?

Trying to decide if this place is worth checking out or not, but a search of the board is mostly giving me suggestions about tarts, not the restaurant called Tart.

Their website sure is cute, but doesn't list helpful information like prices. I rarely see many people in there when I pass by - I'm taking this as a bad sign.

Anybody care to weigh in? Thanks!

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    1. re: Diana

      Thanks Diana, you have much more patience than I do :)

    2. When reading old reviews about Tart, it's important to know the history...

      When they first opened, they tried to go fairly high-end with their menu. And the food, from the original chef, was actually quite good. But they made a fatal misstep by overpricing the whole menu by a good 30%. Word spread that Tart was overpriced, and the business never materialized.

      They eventually figured this out and revamped the menu and the prices down to a more reasonable, upscale cafe concept...which is what it should have been from the start. However, they never recovered from the early impressions. To this day when I suggest it to people, their reaction is "overpriced." Though it really isn't any more.

      As a result, Tart has been struggling from the get to. They even started passing out menu doorhangers around he neighborhood. And mailing out coupons.

      I finally went back for dinner a couple weeks ago. Food was fairly disappointing. But at least it wasn't expensive.

      I imagine they may do breakfast and lunch a little better. Might give that one last try.

      In the end though, I'd guess the writing's on the wall. Tart should probably just reconcept, change the name, and start over -- with appropriate pricing on day 1. Big lesson learned.

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      1. re: wutzizname

        Thanks! That's quite a history. And too bad, because what this 'hood needs is exactly what you said - upscale cafe that does breakfast well.

        I've been trying to find a non-Grove/FM alternative to Mani's that will make my "if-they-don't-serve-bacon-it's-not-breakfast" friend happy - I may give Tart a try and report back.

        1. re: Vaya Con Carne

          Please do. I'm with you, this 'hood needs a place like Tart that works.

          N.B. Have you tried Quality? Closer to Fairfax than the other 3rd Street breakfast places, and the line isn't usually as bad as the dreaded Toast or defunct Doughboys.

          Quality Food & Beverage
          8030 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

          1. re: wutzizname

            Haven't been to Quality in ages - thanks for reminding me about them. I'm not into the whole lining-up-for-breakfast thing, so I usually stick with Mani's, Whole Foods and Frank's, but I definitely need to expand my options.

      2. I had breakfast there not too long ago because the people I was meeting were staying at the Farmer's Daughter. I too had the impression that they were expensive but the menu is very reasonable. Breakfast was OK but nothing earth-shattering. I may go back for dinner just out of curiousity.

        1. I was there with a group of people on Friday night (I wish I had found those older posts firsts) and it was absolutely one of the worst experiences I have had in recent memory.

          The food was bland and tasteless, and we sampled a fair share of the menu. (wings, calamari, cheese plate, turkey meatloaf, sandwiches, chicken). Service was also an unmitigated disaster, with our waitress constantly disappearing for long stretches to fetch a single drink and our food coming at completely haphazard times. Any attempt to register our complaints to her was met with a "it's not my fault..." They also kept telling us how busy the kitchen was when it appeared that only one or two other tables had food.

          My advice is stay away.