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Apr 5, 2008 09:14 AM

Gelatos at La Ciccia

Hubby and I had another wonderful dinner at La Ciccia last night...(though it did get too noisy to have a comfortable conversation; not the best place for a relaxed meal with someone who isn't fond of restaurants. Still, the food and love coming from the kitchen and the hosts makes it worth it!)

Anyway, mostly we stuck to tried and true favorites (clams and mussels, mussel and zuchinni soup, fregua with porcini and pancetta, lamb chops) and managed somehow to resist the 18 month proscuitto on the specials list...but dessert last night was a standout and a new one to me: a trio of artisan gelatos: olive oil, figs and pecorino, and saffron topped with saffron honey and blood orange zest. Loved all three, and the saffron was truly outstanding.

I immediately flagged down Lorella (hostess/co-coowner, who was doing double duty as a server last night: they were pretty much slammed) to ask the source of this great stuff (La Ciccia doesn't have a pastry chef): apparently it is one guy, operating under the name "San Francisco Gelato" who makes it in the La Cocina Community Kitchens in the Mission...As reflected in this trio, he has been experimenting with Sardinian flavors just for La Ciccia...

Well, haven't had any luck finding them on line, with a name like that, so unless someone else knows another source, I highly recommend getting over to La Ciccia to try it out! (the rest of the meal is sure to be wonderful as well...)

La Ciccia
291 30th Street, San Francisco, CA 94131

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  1. Thanks for the post. I don't usually like odd flavors like that but they sound really appealing.

    1. They once had hazelnut gelato, which my wife and I think was the best we ever had. We eat as much as we can in northern Italy every year, so we have some basis to compare. The waitress insisted that was the dessert we should have and she was so right. My comment is that they only get small batches of gelato and I understand they usually get a different one each time. We were warned that once the hazelnut was gone, it might not be available again until who knows when.

      1. If you call La Cocina they could probably give you his number:

        La Cocina Community Kitchen
        2948 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94110

        1. the same guy does sorbet for the front porch. if i remember correctly the flavors are: grapefruit/tarragon, meyer lemon with chili on top, and blood orange, i think. it's areally nice light way to finish a most likely rich dinner.

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          1. re: potatoe

            Noticed tonight that they're serving SF Gelato gelato and sorbets at Lolo.

            The sorbets were similar to what potatoe lists (muscat Meyer lemon), and the gelatos were olive oil and avocado cardamom. We were too full to try them though.

          2. Also used at Maverick Restaurant. Good stuff.

            Maverick Restaurant
            3316 17th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110