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Apr 5, 2008 09:00 AM

Dinner Tonight - Downtown Toronto

Hi all,

My wife and I have a (rare) opportunity to go out for dinner this evening (18-month old and very few babysitters around make this rare). However, it's been so long since we've dined out downtown that we're stuck for ideas.

Can anyone recommend a good restaurant with a nice (but not uber-hardcore trendy) atmosphere in the downtown area? We're probably hitting a movie theatre this afternoon (maybe the AMC at Dundas/Yonge) but we're glad to travel a reasonable distance for dinner (walk or TTC). We are generally open to any cuisine, although both of us are sort of thinking we're up for something a little more mainstream today -- not a restriction though!

Also, we're trying not to blow the budget TOO much, so around $100-150 for the two of us would be a good target price range (although we can always be convinced to splurge [or save!] for the right meal).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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  1. With the caveat that we eat uptown more often than downtown (and hence are more familiar with uptown restaurants, on the whole), I'd recommend the Rosebud at Queen and Bathurst. It's got a laid-back but romantic atmosphere, and terrific food and wine that won't break the bank. Jamie Kennedy is also always a solid choice, but you may have some trouble getting a table.

    Wherever you go, enjoy your night out!

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    1. I would second the suggestion for JK Wine Bar (which is near the St. Lawrence Market) and also would vouch for Niagara Street Cafe, which is in King West. JK Wine Bar is more upscale and has a small plates theme, and NSC offers Spanish/French cuisine - they're both romantic!

      Have a good meal tonight!