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Apr 5, 2008 07:08 AM

Tucson - 1 night with kid

I will be in Tucson one night with a picky teeneager who doesn't eat anything (a non-foodie!). Can anyone suggest a simple, easy, inexpensive joint, not too far fron the University of Arizona campus (although I will have a car). In addition, it will be a sunday night so can anyone also suggest something to do after eating (malls, bowling, mimi-golf, etc) that may be open on a Sunday?

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  1. University Avenue just west of the U of A has more than a dozen restaurants--pizza, sandwiches, Thai, Middle-Eastern, hamburger and shakes, Chinese, Mexican--in a two block area. Surely you can find something there to please him/her.

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      Chopped is a good salad (design your own) place near the campus. I just don't know if it's open on Sunday night. The same goes for Beyond Bread, a very fine bakery/sandwich/salad place.

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        I second Chopped and Beyond Bread. Chopped closes at 8pm on Sundays, and Beyond Bread closes at 6pm. As for activities...there's a bowling alley down speedway (i think at alvernon) called Lucky Strike that's open till midnight on Sundays.

        Most places close early on Sundays, but I know that the late-night place (3am) on university are open late on sundays too (such as Pita Pit, Silvermine Subs, Jimmy Johns), and Pei Wei is open until 9:30.

    2. My 13-yr-old's favorite restaurants are Fleming's Steakhouse (very expensive) and Zinburger (not as expensive). The milkshakes and fries alone at Zinburger will make your kid smile. However, it's about 7 miles north of campus; it is open until 10pm, which might suit you. Good luck and have fun!

      1. 4th Avenue is also near the University, and has a bunch of restaurants, ranging from bog-standard Mexican and Italian, to some real Tucson classics like Delectables and Bison Witches.

        1. A super casual (and I do emphasize CASUAL) little spot for some of the best wings is Wings Over Broadway. Burgers, fries, and hot wings...pretty standard teen fare. Also, the B Line cafe has a broad selection and is a cute little cafe. They have pasta, tacos, sandwiches and salads. The atmosphere is very cozy. It would be perfect at night for a nice dinner.