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Apr 5, 2008 07:07 AM

Kitchen Nightmares UK - Piccolo Teatro

Not sure if this was a "new" episode, but it was new to me and perhaps the best episode I've seen so far.
Watch Gordon Ramsey physically remove a crazy chef!
Watch Gordon run a restaurant by himself!
Listen as Gordon speaks French!
Marvel as Gordon gets excited about vegetarian cuisine!

See the poor little rich girl using Daddy's money to open a restaurant in Paris get the Ramsey treatment.

I think I have to set the DVR to record this one when it comes on again. Brilliant!

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  1. I saw this one a while back - you must have seen a repeat. That woman was extraordinary wasn't she? Mr GG was convinced she was on drugs.

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    1. re: greedygirl

      Paging Marianne Faithful...

      yeah...some form of accoutrement was being appreciated by everyone associated with that resto. ...Surprised (French-speaking!) Ramsay didn't call them on it...

      I'm glad the new chef got a second chance elswehere after that debacle.

      I think it all comes down to the dad(Mr. Moneybanks), really. Something happened in the past that he feels enough guilt to fund his dilettante daughter's every self-destructive whim. It was all so horrifically transparent.

      1. re: aelph

        "Paging Marianne Faithful..."


        1. re: aelph

          Observant and utterly accurate. It was almost painful to watch. Daddy seemed to be, 'not saying something', too hard.

      2. I'm glad you posted this! I too just saw this one for the first time and loved it. You forgot

        See beautiful shots of Paris (sunny and rainy)

        And on a personal note:
        See Gordon and some Scottish bird have a chat in the same square where my kids and I played barely one year ago.....

        And I loved the way it ended - with India in London. I knew he would sort her out (so to speak).

        1. I loved that episode! I usually associate a Scottish burr with hard work...and now, not so much. Ramsay's soup looked great, by the way! The episode inspired me to draw a parody:

          1. I just saw this episode for the first time this week. Yes, Mr LJS and I also suspected that drugs must be playing some part in the shambles of that restaurant (and the lifestyle that seemed to go along with it). I was equally surprised that GR didn't metion that more specifically-I think maybe he felt sorry for Dad-I know I did...I remembered the Irish Gastropub episode set back in England when the chef son of the hard-working family had a substance abuse problem and GR was so compassionate.

            Then, when I did the math for myself, all I could think was "I could do that" ...making a success of a teensy, veggie restaurant in Paris.

            1. Totally agree. Loved the Fireman's Carry all the way up the street.

              My problem was that I had recorded the program, and everything was running a couple of minutes late, so we didn't get to see what happened about India (who looks like a real chef!)

              Can anybody tell me what happened please?

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              1. re: MrMagu

                Ramsey hired her to work in one his restaurants.

                1. re: sugarbuzz

                  Ahh, thought it might have been something like that.


                  1. re: sugarbuzz


                    I have tried to get more info on "India" I have feeling that her names is spelled differently. If you have had any luck please let me know.

                    Semper Fi

                    1. re: jay.k.thomas.usmc

                      Last I heard she did a good job during her trial period at Ramsay's restaurant and was offered a position there.