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Apr 5, 2008 07:01 AM


Coming from the east coast, I don't know if you guys consider this in the Bay area, but we are planning to be there in July, and would like some recs for restaurants. We will be there for a board retreat, so most of the time we will go out with a group of 8 or 10. Quality of food is most important, but no one wants a dive even if it has great food.

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  1. I'd make a reservation for at least one dinner at Passionfish in Pacific Grove. Great wine list with exceptionally low prices. Innovative seafood and other dishes.

    You should search this board for other recs. Also, this link presents some discussions of Monterey restaurants - but it is far from a complete survey:

    Very few dives in Monterey - rent is too high.

    Good eating.


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      what a great post at m-m-m-yoso, ed! Now I see what makes PF such a favorite of yours. Excellent descriptions and illustrative photos. And nearly fell off my chair at the crab cake photo!

      Next stop in Monterey, Passionfish.

      (Maybe you could start a summer job in Monterey leading dining tours!)

    2. For the kind of group you describe I'd recommend Citronelle or L'Auberge de Carmel. Both are a little bit of distance from Monterey, but worth the effort to get there.
      If you want to stay in Monterey, Stokes Adobe can provide you with a private room for your group. Montrio would be another option.

      1. We really liked passionfish too, and the monterey bay aquarium was a lovely place to dine overlooking the ocean for our lunch. We also enjoyed the red house cafe.

        1. Robin-I concur with all of the posts-Pacific Grove is a treasure trove of great little restaurants. Passionfish, Red House Cafe, Big Night Bistro (Italian), Melange (see their website), and give the newer Primo a try too. Quintessential P.G. charm all the way around!