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Apr 5, 2008 05:18 AM

Feijoada @ Caju

The feijoada served at Caju was highlighted last week in Now's restaurant guide. Has anyone been recently and share her/his experience?

My understand is that feijoada is hard to come by in Toronto, it's more available in some of the larger American cities. When I first tried it long ago, I'd never had anything quite like it before and haven't come across it since then.

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  1. Feijoada is served at Gaucho's BBQ in Toronto. It is very good too! I started a thread about Gaucho's a while ago.

    I did a write up about Gaucho's on my blog but I can't link you up here.


    1. Quite a few Portuguese spots do it on Saturdays. It's an old-time comfort food kinda dish.

      1. Didn't have feijoada when I went there but Caju is a great little spot.

        Went with a friend who once lived in Rio de Janeiro and she quite liked the food-said it was pretty authentic. Affable servers, and nice atmosphere. Good price point too.