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Buffalo, New York

HI, all,

Any suggestions for dining in Buffalo? Will be going for a week for business and have never been.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Both of these sites will be useful to you...

    This one has been around a long time. It's pretty comprehensive and includes reviews from everyday people.

    This site (which I happen to work for) focuses on restaurants that fall within the city limits. Please feel free to email me through my site, I give restaurant suggestions to visitors through email often.

    Just make sure you get to see a little of the real Buffalo, not just the mall/hotel/airport part!

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      Can't find a way to search on the Buffalo rising website. A group of us are heading down to the Amherst area for a girls night out soon and are looking for a well prepared meal, not deep fried or gigantic portions or things like burgers and wings. I passed Le Metro bakery cafe in Williamsville the last time we were there and it looks like our kind of place. Has anyone eaten there? We always end up in Carraba's because the food is okay (just way too much) and the staff is very friendly but we would like to try somewhere else. One of us has a gluten allergy too. Any suggestions?

      1. re: finefoodfriend

        Are you into sushi and Asian-inspired food? If so, you should head to SeaBar on Main St. in Williamsville, just down the street from LeMetro. They have more than sushi (I had incredible ceviche served with fresh tortilla chips), and it would be a good choice for someone with a gluten allergy.

        1. re: bflocat

          Thanks for the suggestion. I love seafood, sushi and asian but I'm not sure that everyone in our group does. The ceviche sounds yummy.
          Any other suggestions? And is Le Metro any good?

    2. Are you on an expense account for the visit?

      1. Had a terrific time at Toro recently
        The pappardelle dish with olives was nice but seems to be off the menu.

        1. Daniel' s is the best restaurant in the area. Other than that, it depends on what type of food you want.

          1. If you feel like you have to get chicken wings, don't go to the Anchor Bar. Go to Duff's, in Amherst, at the intersection of Millersport Hwy and Sheridan Drive.


            1. Totally agree about Duff's. Make sure you have a few ice cold Labatts Blue to wash the wings down! And don't forget to order the fries, they are thin cut and addicting.

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                Man, I don't know why people go to Duff's - other than it's one slight step up from Anchor Bar.
                Why not get some good wings instead at BarBill? And great beef on weck too!

              2. The husband is from the Buff, and we go back occasionally. SO much good food there.

                Hutch's is excellent. Hip, great, fresh food.
                Someone mentioned Daniel's already...YUM
                There's a sushi/Japanese place I think that is called Lotus that is supposed to be pricey but is great.

                Toro rocks.

                I can't remember the name of it, but right on Elmwood, next to Cole's restaurant (which is good too, for bar food) is an Asian fusion restaurant that is quite good.

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                  Lotus is gone.

                  Restaurant next to Coles is called Saigon Cafe.

                  1. To answer your questions about Le metro. I travel to Buffalo at least once a month for business. I have eaten at this restaurant many times. Often a client will take me there for lunch. And I have never been disappointed. It is not the absolute high end, but for consistently good food and value, I recommend this place. They seem to have started as a bread bakery and their ciabatta is the best I've ever had...and I live in the metro NYC area.

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                      Thanks shifty. We didn't make it to Le metro last time but I will definitely try it next time I'm in Buffalo. We ended up having lunch in the restaurant at the Art Gallery. Modern space looking out to a courtyard and we enjoyed a great sandwich and I think that their delicious bread came from Le Metro. Service was a bit slow.