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Apr 5, 2008 04:41 AM

Butchers in Montreal and Areas

Just moved here, and I'm looking for gifted butchers, preferably organic or at least animals not fed growth hormones. Looking for good marbling, not a butcher who prides themselves on lean and mean meat who should know better. I'm happy to travel to wherever the best can be bought. By the way, as well as looking for the pricier cuts, with the exception of fillet, I am equally interested in the tougher cuts (skirt, blade, brisket etc).


The Traveller

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  1. I love Chez Vito in MIle End. The butchers are informed and helpful. They have an excellent selection, and if you are looking for something specific, they are happy to get it from the back or even special order it. The meat always looks and tastes great. They are friendly and efficient. When you ask them to prepare the meat in a certain way, they understand what you are asking for with little explanation.

    I am sure you will get some good recs from folks who are familiar with Atwater market and the butchers there. They are supposed to have excellent butchers (I go too irregularly to give good suggestions)

    Not really a butcher, but a great source of excellent pork: PorcMeilleur in Jean-Talon Market. Great tasting pork, prices are pretty reasonable, and the pork is GH free. Good tourtiere too. Jean Talon also has some Hallal butchers and lots of Quebec game and poultry too.

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      Excellent! Thank you, Moh - my husband and I are off exploring these this morning.

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        Atwater Market, up the centre stairs to go in, veer slightly to the left as you cross the hall...fantastic organic butcher. We buy our bacon from them, and it's sublime.

      2. I'm not exactly sure the name of the place, but in the Jean Talon market, just a few doors down from PorcMeilleur is an organic butcher. Also in the Jean Talon there is a store that sells duck, rabbit, chicken and bison. I was there just last night and I'm not entirely sure about organic but the prices are good. (Personally I'm excited to try Rabbit tomorrow night, which I have never had before)

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          Les Fermes St-Vincent. Has stores at both the Jean Talon and Atwater markets.

          La Boucherie du Marché at Jean Talon market is excellent, especially for hard-to-find cuts like hangar steak, though I've never asked about growth hormone.

          Chez Vito, Anjou-Québec and Boucherie de Paris (in CDN) are my other main sources.

          For standard North American (as opposed to French) cuts, add Boucherie Westmount to the list.