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Apr 5, 2008 12:45 AM

Quest for a light pizza crust

My boyfriend and I are huge pizza fans, but we decided last night (after eating WAY too much at Chili's) that we need to start making our own meals rather than eating out most of the time. Our plan includes slashing both food cost AND calories, so I'm wondering if anyone has a good low-calorie recipe for pizza dough. The store-bought ones (even the little individual ones!) are all outrageously high in calories. When I make pizza for myself at home, I tend to use a whole-wheat tortilla instead of an actual crust, but it just doesn't keep me full for very long. I'd love to find a recipe that fills me up without making me feel like I have to eat rice cakes the rest of the day to compensate for the calories.

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  1. Try a whole wheat crust - and keep it thin. This won't make a significant difference in the actual calorie count of the pizza, but may make it more satisfying. It's really the cheese that boosts the calories and fat content of a traditional pizza. If you're making it yourself, keep the cheese to a minimum, put it under the veggies (not on top), forget about the pepperoni, sausage or bacon. If you really want something meaty on your pizza, try grilled chicken breasts or shrimp or, for that matter, grilled portobello mushroom slices.

    And in my opinion, our bodies are smarter than our heads. They know how many calories we ate and will look for the missing ones no matter how cleverly we think we've fooled ourselves.

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      Pizza crust is a lean dough with only olive oil in it for fat, so you aren't going to improve on much, but you might try 1/2 whole wheat and 1/2 bread flour, or you could make the crust from whole wheat white flour that is increasingly becoming common.

      I precook my sausage in a bit of water to remove the fat, and then chop and brown the chopped pieces in a skillet while I prep my other veggies. I also shingle a single layer of pepperoni on 3 layers of paper towels and then cover with another 3 towels. Microwave this on low-medium for 1 minute and then blot the rendered fat off of it. You will be amazed at the amount of the fat that you remove. EWWWW.

      I have cut down the bit of the cheese, if you use a good low-fat cheese and brown it a little, you will still get the taste and texture, but you don't need a pound f cheese on a 14" pizza to feel satisfied.

      this is a pizza I made last week.,