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Apr 4, 2008 11:33 PM

The Word on Le Bec Fin

Came out tonight on channel 6. He is giving back his 5 stars and going much less formal. Here is a rough transcript and the news piece.

Now what would be considered the fanciest restaurant in the city?

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  1. I stayed up to watch the "big" announcement from George P. last night. Viewers were led to believe that he would either be retiring or closing Le Bec. Obviously not the case. He is making the restaurant more casual, allowing "jeans" to be worn, and offering an a la carte menu. IMHO, he is "giving back his 5 stars" before they are taken from him.

    Gorp512--probably The Fountain at the Four Seasons Hotel would now be the the fanciest, special occasion restaurant in Philadelphia.

    1. I'm truly mystified by this move. His downscaling and the return of accolades of his signature establishment makes no sense. There will always be an upscale market for the elegant three-hour, six course presentations that earned him five stars. Something must have gone amiss in the back of house.

      Good question as to the heir. Is anyone else close to five stars? How does Lacroix stack up?

      1. Yesterday afternoon, before the actual announcement on the TV there was an update on this situation on They stated the announcement would be that he would be scaling back his menu and pricing for something more casual. I am taken aback by this. I assume there is always a market for the luxury diner. And what's up with the jeans? Not everyone wants to wear jeans out for a nice meal. Perhaps Sandy is right; he is 'giving' back his stars before they are taken from him. I wonder if his recent rating in that rag Philadelphia Magazine had a hand in this as well?

        1. Perhaps things are as Chef Perrier says: maintaining 5 stars took the fun out of the kitchen. Bravo to the man (or woman) who decides to stop playing someone else's game. Georges Perrier, imho, does not have to prove himself to anyone. I have memories of marvelous meals at Le Bec Fin, and I'm looking forward to the new incarnation for a different experience.

          1. Please...I hope he keeps that cote du boeuf. Can't live without that. This is very sad, but better for him to make the choice to downgrade, than to be in agony like Bernard Loiseau. What will happen with the furniture, chandeliers, restaurant silver? An auction, perhaps? I hope we will hear about it.