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Apr 4, 2008 11:27 PM

Recommendations for good takeout near Anderson Ln./Burnett

Doing a picnic for my friends bday Saturday and looking for something I may not have thought of in that area. I've considered Alborz(although I'm not familiar w/Persian food)and I'm always up for a good taco truck.

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  1. All within five minutes:

    Sarah's Mediterranean Market at Burnet/N Loop for great falafel, kebabs, and shawarma. A sack of burgers or fried chicken from Top Notch. Chicken from El Regio on Ohlen at 183 (small window next to the convenience store). Fuegos, at N Lamar near Anderson.

    Alborz is worth a trip, but I've only ever had the buffet.

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      Thanks mkwng. I was looking at Sarah's as I haven't had a shawarma in quite a while.

    2. Upper Crust is my favorite picnic spot. Their tuna on sourdough is a favorite of mine. Just barely enough mayo to bind it. Plus you gotta love the choc cupcakes with the chunk of chocolate in the middle.

      1. Have you tried Grapevine market? They have a great deli, it is rather inexpensive and some great salads & wraps/sandwiches. I have been making it a Saturday regular visit. My favorite is the italian wrap, all the sandwiches come with a bunch of grapes. They have a great salad w/blue cheese, sun-dried tomatos & red peppers - can't remember the name. They serve from 11 - 3pm, and will do it to go - just order at the cash registers. Seems like it is sort of a "loss leader" - they are hoping you will buy wine while you are there (usually works)...but the best part is the free wine tasting while you wait for you food!

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          Thanks hounds. We didn't get to have the picnic Sat. but there's always another time. I think this post should give incentive for many picnics as some of my favorite parks are close by.