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Fish & Chips -- Not Atlantic Cod

Does anybody know where to find a great plate of fish&chips that are made from something other than Atlantic cod? Pacific cod, seabass, or Pacific halibut would be great.

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  1. They serve a pretty good fish and chips at the Smokehouse in Burbank, and the fish is halibut.

    1. Malibu Seafood or Hungry Cat

      1. 26 Beach Restaurant uses Dover Sole.

        1. Very good Beer Battered Halibut at

          Bluewater Grill
          665 North Harbor Drive
          Redondo Beach, CA 90277
          (310) 318-3474

          1. Brit's in Pasadena uses Icelandic Cod. I don't know if that's the same as Atlantic Cod.

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              As Iceland is in the Atlantic, I would expect their cod to be Atlantic. Just a guess, mind you...

              1. re: Will Owen

                True. But if the issue is depletion of stock, then it appears that the supplies of cod swimming around near Iceland are better than those farther south in the Atlantic.

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                  Wow ... I'm happy that someone else cares about seafood depletion. I go to the Monterey Aquarium's Seafood Watch website frequently to find out what not to choose on a menu. And I prefer restaurants that care as well.

            2. maybe someone can help. I remember a place (where IS it) that serves two styles - eastern and western , i.e. cod for the east and pacific halibut for the west - fish and chips.

              good luck.

              many family places (think hamburger hamlet) locally use halibut rather than codfish. call around.

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                And the Hamlet's F&C is, or can be, very good indeed. I always get it with steak fries, and extra tartar sauce to dip'em in. The batter is the kind that makes a pretty hard crust, and sometimes the fish is a bit overcooked, but it's never been less than worth eating. I've had it I think three times at the Pasadena location, twice at the Hollywood place.

              2. Thanks for the recommendations, everybody.

                For the record, Malibu Seafood serves Atlantic cod -- I was just there last week. And Icelandic cod is indeed Atlantic cod; the fish stocks are in somewhat better condition than in the US, but they're still heavily overfished, so I'd rather avoid them if I can.

                I'll give the Smokehouse a try; I'm up in Burbank on occasion.

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                  After I posted, I wondered if your aversion to Atlantic was because it's on that "avoid" list. Icelandic was listed as an acceptable alternative.

                  I thought of another place, and this is also in response to Jerome's comment above. Tusquella's in the Farmer's Market has both an English fish & chips (cod, I believe) and "Northwest" style fish & chips (halibut) on its menu.

                  1. re: Jack Flash

                    Yes, it's because US/Canadian Atlantic cod stocks are down around 5% of historic levels. Icelandic isn't quite as bad, but it's still not being sustainably fished, so I'd rather eat a fish that's being harvested responsibly.

                    Thanks for all the recommendations, everybody.

                2. According to their menu, Farmer Boy's uses pollock.

                  1. The best selection of Fishes available to consume in F & C in the L.A. tri-county area is probably in Oxnard. They use Alaskan Cod for their tradition F & C, as well as the following:


                    And if one still desires something else, one might just go over to their market, pick something out, and they just might batter and fry it up for you on request...........


                    I realize that Oxnard is probably an incovient location for most people, but you didn't specify...... Also, they provide tartar sauce, but if one craves malt vinegar as their F & C condiment of choice, then one should call before going and if they don't have any, bring some with you....

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                      I just came back from a fishing trip out of Ventura (caught limit on rockfish and have been having a grand ol' feast of fish) and noticed a seafood fry place in the harbor. Anyone have any experience with the place, not only with the kind of fish used in their F&C but the quality of the place on a whole?

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                        I want to say that Red Robins has salmon fish n chips?

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                          The only one I know of in Ventura is Andria's Seafood, but their website hasn't been working for sometime...??

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                            Andrias is great, 5 pieces of fish and chips or cole slaw for around 10 bucks, also serve yourself tarter sauce, lemons, cocktail sauce.

                      2. Library Alehouse offers a choice of salmon fish & chips.

                        Tony P's has white fish.

                        The Warehouse in the marina has halibut.

                        Ocean Ave Seafood has Pacific cod.

                        Goat on La Brea has dover sole.

                        Daily Grill uses tilapia.

                        John O'Groats has haddock.

                        Kate Mantilini has halibut

                        The Cat'n'Fiddle offers sole.

                        Hamburger Hamlet has halibut

                        1. Does anyone know what The York uses?

                          1. The Fish King in Glendale serves halibut.

                            1. Santa Monica Seafood has Alaskan Cod Fish & Chips

                              1. five years late, but last time i had it, gerlach's grill in pasadena used salmon. but i had it before grach sold the place; the new management has taken some of grach's stuff off the menu.

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                                    most of the fish tacos are still offered, but i think the lamb is gone. sea bass has been replaced a more generic white fish (bassa) which is still kinda tasty. i'll have to remember to get an updated menu the next time i go.

                                1. Think Cafe, 302 W. 5th Street in San Pedro uses boneless Sand Dabs.

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                                    Oh lord, I am SO there! At lunch today my old school buddy was talking about San Pedro, and I said I've been here too long without ever getting down there. Thanks for the kick, kanohll!