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Apr 4, 2008 11:00 PM

Date restaurant in Buckhead (ATL) GA???

Hi there.... Meeting up with an old flame in the Buckhead area of Atlanta on a Monday and a Tuesday in May, can't do Bacchanalia, was thinking about Sambuca because it's a Monday and at least that way there might be something of a scene, would like a decent wine list as well. Food can be any genre, hoping for a romantic or glamorous setting.....

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    1. re: jsb23nc

      Never been to Atlanta! I'm from Boston.....

    2. Haven't been to Lola myself, but judging from what I've read, it might be the kind of scene you're looking for. Bluepointe is another option. Have fun!

      1. Antica Posta would be nice, or Anis, both are romantic but for more glamorous maybe Aria.

        1. Lola is great and has a really good bar scene. There's also MF Sushi and Aquanox in the same complex. Both are great.

          1. I really like Buckhead Diner. It takes me back in time. The food is good and the service has been perfect every time ive been. Its upscale but you can wear jeans.

            I took my girlfriend to Sambucca for our anniversary. She liked when we went to Buckhead Diner for her Birthday more.