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Apr 4, 2008 10:55 PM

Goat. Next to Rita Flora on LaBrea, what's up with that?

Okay, first it was the uninspired yet delightfully located Flora Kitchen. THEN it was the REALLY REALLY bad Asian bistro for a minute, I forget the name but I still haven't digested what passed for a fusion spring roll. Now it's something mysteriously called goat. And it had a reasonable looking crowd in there driving by this Friday evening.

Does anyone know what's up? Is it an all goat themed restaurant? Barbacoa, chevre and curry goat 24-7 with appropriate goat wine pairings?

I must know. The space needs to break the curse of mediocre to suck. Is Goat. the answer?

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  1. Same owner as the previous, short-lived Happi Songs. Haven't been but apparently, yes, a general goat theme.

    1. Happi-Songs was actually slightly better than Goat. I work down the street so I have had the opportunity to have lunch at each incarnation. Goat has a very limited menu, maybe about 10 items total, and the food was serviceable at best. I'm not sure what Steve Arroyo is thinking. This is certainly no Cobras and Matadors in the making -- not that the food at C&M is that good, but at least the place has an energy about it. This place is dead on arrival.