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Apr 4, 2008 09:39 PM

Authentic French Macaroon's?

Anywhere in the D.C./Md./Va. make these?

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  1. I don't know if the version at Mother's Macaroons in Arlington is authentically French, but that's the first place I'd start.

    1. Such a great question. You are talking about the heavenly little puffy (meringue) sandwich cookie with a small layer of filling macaroons, right? Not the coconut ball macaroons? We had them in Paris over New Years and realized we had never seen them here in the Baltimore area, but if anyone else has, I'm very interested as well.

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        ^^YES! Those are the exact type I'm looking for! I haven't seen them anywhere yet around D.C.

        JACKPOT: I just called "Patisserie Poupon" in Georgetown and spoke with a lovely woman who informed me they DO make and carry traditional Macaroon's! Yay!

        1. re: beauxgoris

          If Patisserie Poupon is convenient for you, then you won't want to bother checking out the Italian macaroons at Balducci. These also seem to match your description.

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            ^^Good to know though - thank you.

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              I was at Balducci's today and the macaroons I mentioned were on display with some Passover foods. With the exception of these Balducci-bakery macaroons, every other item in the display was a national brand of kosher for Passover food. The macaroons were in a plastic container with a Balducci label that read KP Almond macaroons.

              I've always referred to these as Italian macaroons; I've got to assume that the recipe uses no flour and makes them legit for Passover food restrictions.

            2. re: beauxgoris

              i actually work across the street from poupon-i can check it out for you if you want to save a trip? they have the most deliicciioussssss croissants. yum.

            3. re: a70wilson

              This is obviously a very old thread but in case anyone is still looking for these in Baltimore, we have a Patisserie Poupon, too.

              Patisserie Poupon
              1645 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC

            4. Praline in Bethesda does them beautifully (the best, in my opinion, in the area). My favorite is caramel!

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              1. re: jenmari26

                ^^^ I've never even heard of them - where are they located?

                1. re: beauxgoris

                  They are in a little strip mall (Shoppes at Something-or-other?) on Sangamore Rd., kind of off MacArthur Blvd. In addition to the bakery, Praline is also a restaurant that I think got a very good review in WaPo.

              2. I've seen them at Cornucopia in Bethesda (Italian market/cafe) and at Classic Bakery in Gaithersburg (Armenian?). I think Cornucopia had a few different flavors, such as chocolate and lemon - and there was some bit of a soft paste between the cookie sandwich, whereas Classic Bakery uses walnut and almond to make theirs, and there isn't any kind of filling between the cookies, they're just kind of stuck-together. Not sure which, if either, would be considered "authentic" but I enjoyed them both.

                1. You can also find them at Dean and Deluca and Marvelous Market (at least the Georgetown location.)
                  I scored a package of plain almond ones at the Tenleytown WholeFoods. Only $3.50 for 7, which is a steal. Not the most amazing macarons I've ever tasted, but not bad.