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Apr 4, 2008 09:36 PM

MSP-On the hunt...

OK-I just got back from Milwaukee and after visiting my favorite haunts from grad school I'm wondering if anyone can help me find some favorite dishes here in the Cities. At Authentic Thai Kitchen in Milwaukee, I always get the "Volcano Chicken"-comes out sizzling-almost like lightly fried chicken in a sweet/hot sauce and veggies. We always used to also go to Oakland Gyros and get "Athenian Chicken". Anyone see that at a cheap Greek place around town?

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  1. Athenian Chicken that the basic taverna style chicken with thyme, lemon and potatoes? or something else? My fav. for local organic Greek fare is Gardens of Salonica. Chef Owner Anna--knows authentic Greek cookery and I don't remember if she offers a greek chix on the menu, but what she cooks is great!

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      Well, I was eating leftovers for breakfast-(!) It is a half chicken marinated in something and grilled and served with lemon, feta, olives, this really good rice with some type of tomato sauce. It was still seven dollars for three meals worth of food. I remember when I was in grad school there were so many good cheap ethnic places on Oakland Street near the UW-Milwaukee that the McDonald's went out of business!

    2. jennie, can you list a few of your other MKE haunts (I know...tangent). I'll be in Milwaukee next Friday - Sunday. Authentic Thai Kitchen sounds like a possible stop.

      1. Oh I love Thai Kitchen! I dream about it sometimes. That, and Oakland Gyros next door-off of 43 and Locust, right by the University of Milwaukee. On Brady Street is Pizza Man-very good-I never had the pizza but the fried eggplant is amazing! Across the street is an amazing coop and restaurant, but for the life of me I can't remember the name... KOPPS custard is a chain, but really good...I always ate on the East Side-good food....

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          By University of Milwaukee do you mean University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (UW-M) or something different?

        2. Athens Cafe in Robbinsdale has a menu item called "Athenian Chicken" It is marinated chicken cooked with pickled yellow peppers and feta cheese. I have a feeling there are many dishes being called "Athenian Chicken" - so if this is the one you're looking for, Athens is the prototypical "cheap greek place" - and MUCH better than someplace like Falafel King.

          Athens Cafe
          4080 W Broadway Ave Ste 141, Minneapolis, MN 55422

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            I've never had it there, but have enjoyed everything else I've eaten at Christos
            on Nicollet. They have something called 'Oregano Chicken' that is broiled
            and has lemon in the marinade,that appears to be done to order. I'd bet it's
            very good.