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Apr 4, 2008 08:54 PM

Vancouver, WA on a Saturday night

I'm going to be spending the weekend in Vancouver April 12-13, staying at the Homewood Suites basically on the water. I know there is a "Joe's Crab Shack" nearby but other than the name, and the website, which doesn't show prices, I don't know what sort of quality are they - they definitely look higher end (and higher priced) than Red Lobster!

So... I've got a car, I'd prefer to stay in Vancouver, and I'm looking under $20 for the entree (cheaper is fine!) for dinner. I'm solo.

I've done the (quite good) Laotian/Thai place at Esther Shore Park, and I'm fairly adventurous - Asian, Greek, German (if there is decent German within easy driving on either side of the river, I'm there), Italian, whatever.

I'm not into alcohol, so availability/quality of that shouldn't be considered.

So what's out there?

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  1. I'd stay away from the Crab Shack. Beaches is within walking distance of the Homewood suites and the food isn't too bad.

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      Extramsg usually responds to posts in the Portland/Vancouver area, but I haven't seen posts from him in months. Does anyone know where he went? I miss his restaurant knowledge of the area! I know he often recommends Thai and Mexican restaurants along Mill Plain Rd.