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Apr 4, 2008 08:40 PM


I am planning to go to Weezie's tomorrow at King and Power. Any suggestions on what is good to order on the menu? I have heard great things about their burgers but I am not a big fan of burgers period.

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  1. It's really hard to gone wrong there. The menu is short so that the cooking can remained focused. As I've said before, I've never had a bad anything there.

    She (Constance the chef) was switching over to the Spring Menu when I was last there about a week and a half ago so the oxtail poutine is gone. Sigh.

    In app's her cod cakes are fun, the steak tartare is a meal in itself to me, oh and if she still has the escargot it is to... die... for. The salads are very well constructed, balanced, and of course deelish.

    In mains, her chicken paillard is divine. She does things with brussels sprouts that gets even my hubby to enjoy them. The last time I was in they had a fish special (not tilapia is all I can recall) that a table was raving about as the best they'd ever had. Reminds me I have to go back and try that one for myself. Doesn't seem to matter if it's veg, meat, or fowl she does it all well.

    The sweet to Constance's savoury is Carla Digenova. You MUST save room for the dessert even if it's one dessert and four forks.

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      Thanks Googs!! I am really looking forward to trying the food for the first time!!

    2. I've only been there once, I had steak frites, it was delightful. I keep telling people to go.

      Even though I only had the steak frites, I have to say, I think Googs is probably right, it had the impression of a place that did everything well...

      1. I had Lunch there on Thurs...the place was completely full at 1:15...had to sit at the Bar....but I really enjoyed it is great... only 30 seats so fills up quickly.....Miranda

        1. Had dinner at Weezie’s last night and had a wonderful time – the ambience, the service, the food, even the view -- everything was enjoyable.

          The salt cod cakes are were nice and crunchy on the outside (panko I think) and came hot and moist and tasty on the inside, salty yes but not overly (but then I’m a salt lover).

          My friend had the chicken paillard with creamy mustard sauce and loved it. I meant to have a taste but was so busy enjoying my main that by the time I thought of it, the chicken was gone and my friend was practically licking her plate. You might think that a flattened piece of chicken breast dredged in panko and sauted might be nothing more than glorified chicken schnitzel but according to my friend, the chef had certainly elevated this concept to a great dish with creative flavouring and texture, And the sauce was a bit hit.

          I had the special, which was seared sea scallops on a bed of watercress with warm potato salad that included pieces of some kind of really great tasting bacon. This was a generously portioned dish with about five or six scallops (I think) for about $18 (compared to a main I had at Gallery Grill a few weeks ago for $16 that had three scallops). The warm potato salad was delicious. The different flavours complement and contrasted with each other between the salty bacon, the potatoes, the dressing and the scallops.

          We shared the lemon curd dessert, which was light and fluffy and, well, really lemony. Thumbs up.

          We thought it odd there was only one Ontario wine on the current wine list, which consists of about seven whites from France, Italy and Australia; about a dozen reds from Australia, Argentina, France and Italy; about five sparklers including three Champagnes. The one Ontario red is Angels Gate Gamay Noir from Beamsville, which is what we had.

          The wood-panelled walls makes the room warm and comfy. The server was knowledgable and was enthusiastic about the menu. Water was poured for us even while still settling into our seats. Bread with good butter served as soon as drink order taken.

          The view across the road is of a lovely old church and small park, which probably looks even more attractive in the summer (or fall). We ate fairly early and so it was quiet but by the time we left, the place was packed and the noise level was up quite a bit but still manageable.

          For one starter, two mains, one dessert, one bottle of wine, one latte, one coffee, the bill came to $100 before tip. Not bad!

          I’m delighted by this place and would definitely go back.

          354 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A1K9, CA

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            This is why I love all you Chowhounds!!! I did not get the opportunity to go to Weezies because unfortunately the place was completely full for Saturday, I was advised to make reservations for next time as it fills up very quickly on weekends. I hope to go there in the next few weeks and I really look forward to it!!

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              If you're in the mood for a burger, the one they serve at Weezie's is great. Bun maybe a bit too large, but the patty was juicy and delicious. You can select doneness level.

              Curious to see what the spring menu is like, as mentioned by googs. If anyone gets an update, please post.

            2. re: JamieK

              JamieK, don't quote me on this, but I believe the lack of Ontario wines is based on the resto's mission to keep their prices reasonable. Unfortunately the LCBO makes this nearly impossible to achieve while maintaining quality.

              The view is indeed very attractive when the trees are in bloom, turning colour, or sparkling with frost.

              Callitasicit, the other time you should definitely make a reservation is if you want to go early, say 6pm, on a weekday. As odd as that sounds, Weezie's has become the place to dine before going to the Berkeley Street Theatre. That crowd moves out around 8pm-ish.

              1. re: Googs

                Thanks for the tip, Googs. I will remember that.

                1. re: callitasicit

                  I loved it too. I likes the appetizer of chilled, marinated mussels in a bowl with crostini on the side, and then a SUPER juicy burger, cooked to medium. Great meal.