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Apr 4, 2008 08:18 PM

Baby Shower Breakfast in RI?

We're looking for a venue for a baby shower breakfast....Warwick, West Warwick, Cranston, Coventry, East Greenwich.... Any ideas? :)

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  1. Chelo's in East G - on the water and reasonable
    Richard's Pub in East G - always excellent food
    The Crow's Nest - excellent family did a luncheon here after a funeral.Excellent job!

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      1. re: Emilyc

        20 Water Street in East Greenwich does an excellent brunch. You can also include mimosas, or some fun breakfast cocktail type drinks if you'd like. They are very thoughtful and accommodating. Plus, you can't beat the view! Chelo's on the Water in East Greenwich is also a good choice. Only catch is that the outside bar on the same level as the function room is open during the shower, so there will be people at the outside bar looking in at your party. Not a huge deal, but you should be aware. The Harborside in East G. also does a brunch.

      2. What time of year are you looking for? If it's summer someplace with outside seating may be nice. What is your price point and how many people are you planning?