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Apr 4, 2008 08:08 PM

Prom Restaurants in Birmingham.

Okay I am trying to help out my sister and her friends. They are going out to dinner for prom but the problem is one of the girls wants italian. The rest of the party (the girls and their dates) don't want italian. They really wanted chinese. So, I am trying to find something that will make them all happy. I do not know what would be good for them I have made a small list and if you have any suggestions. I think as long as it has some italian dishes that would be fine or at least pasta. Thanks!!!

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  1. Since these girls and their dates are high school age, I don't feel TOO guilty in recommendeding Cheesecake Factory to them. Their menu is SO vast that they should be able to find any cuisine they want. It might not be the most fancy of places, but it fits your criteria. Otherwise, I'd suggest sending the Italian lover to Macaroni Bar & Grille and the Chinese lovers across the parking lot to PF Chang. Again, not haute cuisine, but good enough for prom.

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      Yeah we said those and romano's too. We also suggested maybe TGIFriday's or Longhorn. Since we are trying to keep them out on 280 since their prom is out that way! Thanks soo much! I will find out if they have started re-discussing it again lol.