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Apr 4, 2008 07:08 PM

Good Resto for Business Meal 6-8 block walk from Wall Centre

Have a groups of clients coming in over the next few months from Belgium, Isreal and South America respectively. We are hosting them at the Wall Centre ove rthe next few months in groups no larger than 10. We are looking for recs that would be within an 8 block walk that people my reccomend for the regional tastes (if one can be so brave as to suggest people might have a regional taste) of the groups. We are also looking for peoples recs for these groups that would be a very nice place for a wrap up dinner/business dinner for each but in the down town core (West, or any of the Kits places are out). I was thinking Cioppino's (but not stuck on Itallian just a good spot with great food). Suggestions????

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  1. Some ideas -
    Italian Kitchen

    There are a bunch of "business" restaurants In Yaletown - which is close, but slightly outside your 8 block radius. Blue Water Cafe is my top rec there....if seafood is on the plate. Cioppino's is a very safe bet.