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Apr 4, 2008 06:49 PM

Goji Berries

Just got a big bag at the bulk place....what do I do with these?

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  1. One of the news letters I subscribe to today had some information on these berries. Their suggestions for use are trailmix, yogurt, and oatmeal. They also say these are anitoxidant rich and a good source of protein and fiber. They have been credited with curbing appetite, boosting energy and well being earning the name " the happy berry". Hope this helps.

    1. use them anywhere you'd use other dried berries, raisins or currants

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        Agreed. They're a bit tarter than raisins or currants, so you may have to make some adjustments. Try it with sauteed spinach with garlic, cubed apples and goji berries. They're pretty good that way.

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          Exactly. I've been putting them in when I make granola at home.
          Pistachio-Goji...fancy. Look for dried mulberries too . . .

        2. We had them in a salad the other night with sauteed pears and goat cheese and baby lettuce.

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            I believe Goji berries are the same thing as persian/iranian "Zereshk". Steam/cook up some white rice. in a saute pan melt some butter, and add zereshk (1/3 cup for every 2 cups rice) along with a tablespoon of water and 2-3 tablespoons of sugar. saute for a few minutes and add to top of rice. serve with braised or roasted chicken!!

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              Sounds similar to how the Chinese put it in their congee.

              btw, to the OP, you may get some Chinese recipes if you google gou qi zi and recipe. Goji berries have been used as an herb in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. The Chinese have come up with some culinary uses for it including congee. One of my professors cooked it with liver once -- not the best combo IMO.

          2. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and I plan to try some of these recipes!! I tried these on a mixed salad for lunch today and was pleased that they blended in well. I am not a fan of craisins so i was hoping they wouldn't be tart like that, but i liked these ! The only drawback was that mine were a little hard and stuck in my teeth, but no biggie.

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              it's not just your batch - they generally have a tendency to get stuck in your teeth. but you can soften them by soaking in juice for a few minutes.