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Apr 4, 2008 06:15 PM

D.C. : Funky near GWU? Did I make this up?

I recall a link from a couple years ago about a lunch place near the campus that was off beat and walk up. Crowd was all walks of life and included construction workers and students. Can't find the old link about this despite trying. Didn't want to cover old ground but I am striking out. I will be in town next week with my family (wife and two very cool kids aged 4 and 10) and am trying to recall what seemed like a local institution. I admit to the possibiltiy of being way off on what I recall.

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  1. Could you possibly be thinking about Lindy's Burgers? You do walk upstairs there, if that's what you mean by walk up. I don't actually know that area very well, just throwing it out there and maybe bumping up your request for somebody who knows better than me.

    1. I work at GWU. It's true, you could be talking about Lindy's which has a carry-out basement shop as well as a bar upstairs that serves modest sirloin burgers with a wide variety of exotic toppings. If you go, choose toppings that you wouldn't find anywhere else, like the Reuben (corned beef, saurkraut and russian dressing), the Pearl Harbor (pinepapple, ham, and teriyaki sauce), or the Davy Crockett (bbq sauce with chopped bacon and onions mixed in).

      Or you could be thinking of DJ's Fastbreak, which no longer exists. It was Korean owned, and a place where you could get surprisingly good (but heavily microwaved) ji-gae or lousy hamburgers and hot dogs.

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        mselectra and Steve:

        you guys are the reason why this site is so valuable. You are the coolest and I am appreciative. DJ's Fastbreak is almost certainly what I was trying to recall. I never made it there but wanted to go based on some fun and goofy stuff about which I had heard.

        Lindy's is a place about which I know nothing. I did some quick reading about it on this site and am interested. We are staying in Foggy Bottom and if it is worthwhile and has local character we will look for a chance to stop by. I would appreciate anything you have to add.

        My kids are on board with anything (really) and this is their first trip to DC. My wife and I are (enthusiastically) taking them to the spots you are supposed to go for a spring break trip to the Nation's Capital. That said, the kids, my wife and I would enjoy trying out anything that we might otherwise overlook because we relied on the travel books. Anything you have to share for lunch or dinner, especially dinner, near Foggy Bottom would be very much appreciated.

        Once again, you guys rock. Your consideration and enthusiasm make this site great.

        1. re: bananna slug

          Put a stop at the American Indian museum on your list (the botanical gardens are right next door and wonderful too) and have lunch at the Mitsitam Cafe in the AIM. There are a bunch of posts on here about it.

          You might also like going to the Old Post office bldg to see the view from teh tower. The food court there has awesome ethnic food, something for everyone. enjoy your trip.

        2. re: Steve

          I liked DJ's Fastbreak... never knew what the actual name of the place was, but whenever I had a show at the Kennedy Center, I'd stop there first on my way to rehearsal or a concert.