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Apr 4, 2008 05:51 PM

Restaurant Near Spanish Steps Rome

I need a restaurant recommendation for our first night in Rome. We are staying close to the Spanish Steps at the Portrait Suites and would love a recommendation for dinner close to our hotel. One idea is Nino.. Any others in this area that won't break the bank.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. Alla Rampa which sits beside the Spanish Steps down a ramp, hence the name, OR in the small piazza behind the American Express office to the right of the Spanish Steps. Cash only Tu-Sa, 12:30-2:30 & 7:30-11. Fabulous & extensive lunch antipasto spread (1 trip only). Wonderful Osso Bucco, Spaghetti Vongale,etc. No reservations, inside & outdoor seating.
    Hole-in-One wine bar halfway down the ramp between Alla Rampa & Spanish Steps, owned by a former golf pro, for your morning cappuccino fix or after-dinner drinks.

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      Also, favorite wine bar, Enoteca Antica, Via della Croce 76, great people-watching if you snare an outside table.
      Other restaurants in your area: Dal Bolognese, Fiaschetteria Beltramme, Edy, Babette, La Fontanella.

    2. Nino would be fine. Another idea is Palatium, the regional wine bar of Lazio, on via Frattina. It's really more a restaurant than wine bar and has superb food, with all best ingredients from the region.

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        I completely agree: Palatium could be a very smart choice. I like it also because it is not expensive.

      2. I've posted many times about Vladimiro Marcello on Via Aurora near Via Veneto, just up the hill from Spanish Steps, and those who went there agreed it was great for food and price. With set menu and house wine in carafes, you will pay about 40 Euros per person for a copious and delicious dinner. Here's my original write-up on the dinner:
        "Recommended is a set meal they may suggest (if they don’t, ask your waiter for it): antipasti misti (5-6 vegetarian appetizers in large bowls from which you take what and how much you wish), primo is a platter of 3 different pastas in 3 different sauces, secundo is a large chunk of roast veal with potatoes and other items (veal is excellent, it will be enough for two; if you have a good deal left over, ask waiter to wrap it up and take it with you – might be enough for next day’s meal). House wine is good and can be had in ½ or full liter pitchers, in white or red. "

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          Randomly discovered this thread while searching for restaurants in Rome, and I have to say that Alla Rampa is one of the best restaurants I have ever eaten at, period! And cheap, average entree price is $10. Going there again tonight!

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            Glad you liked Alla Rampa...hope you tasted their vongale. Yum.
            Also, don't miss my beloved Fiammetta -closed Tues/Wed lunch. Can't wait to have their fantastic red sauce again & their eggplant parm. Incredible.

        2. Hi glsebs! We're headed for the Portrait Suites too. One night in Rome. How was it? And did you find a great restaurant?

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            wow this is a super old thread. the great news is, Palatium is still great.


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              And if it's Palatium for lunch is there another more dining experience for dinner? Some place really memorable. We have only one night in Rome. Thanks

          2. How was Portrait Suites? Will be staying there at the end of the month. Thanks for the Palatium advice!

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