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Apr 4, 2008 05:49 PM

Sundance Resort - Any Experience?

We're thinking about spending a few days at the Sundance Resort. Does anyone have any experience with the dining options at the resort? What about the resort in general?

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  1. The Tree Room is stunning. Have not eaten the current chef's food, but he has received good press.

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      I agree with GroovinGourmet about the Tree Room. I haven't been there since the chancg in chefs, either. But, it does still get good reviews. The Owl Bar is a nice piece of history and worth going in for a drink. The little market there at the resort used to have soups and sandwiches for lunch - I don't know if they still do,. Depending on what time of year you are going to Sundance, the activities vary. Wintertime is skiing. Summer is hiking, mountain biking, and fishing. Always check to see what is on their arts calendar. I've always felt that it was a laid-back place, not real high energy. When I have visitors intown, I always take one day to drive them to Sundance.

    2. Everything one reads about Sundance is positive, it seems. A few years back, I ate a couple of meals there, and stayed in a suite at Sundance. It has a beautiful setting, serene, cozy. The price tag ceratinly matches the experience. We went with a large group for a Christmas party. Now the very, very negative. Although we paid a premium price for the lodging for well over 100 people, and booked an expensive dinner, with our own private banquet room. Open bar, etc. Something went terribly wrong in the kitchen. 23 people became violently ill within a twenty four hour time period after eating dinner. In my husband's case, it lasted for over a week. This, in a man who NEVER gets sick. They all ate the same appetizer, which had been sitting out under a very warm heated lamp for several hours. I realize that things like this happen every now and then, with no intent to do harm from those involved in the serving and preparation of food. But the real rub here was, instead of accepting any responsibility in the matter, Sundance simply said "It wasn't our fault." No reimbursement or apology. That was the last time I visited or recommended Sundance to anyone.

      1. Their Foundry Grill is also excellent - especially the Sunday brunch. It's been 2 years, but we ate the best we've ever eaten in a ski resort - for a long time. Fortunately, both restaurants are good, as there really isn't anywhere else to go unless you're willing to drive into Park City. Do beware, though of the strange liquor laws and don't bring any wine with you for the restaurants - they can't serve it without the Utah State seal (or something like that!)

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          Both the Tree Room and the Foundry Grill (less expensive) are excellent, as much for atmosphere as for good food. It's hard to beat (or get out of the rut of, depending on your perspective) the filet mignon with mango chutney at the Tree Room. However, since the major changes in management/chefs a while ago, Sundance seems to be coasting on its past reputation rather than innovating. Two former Sundance chefs can be found at Pizzeria Seven Twelve in Orem, which is wonderful. Also, the former director of Sundance food services is now in charge of food at Thanksgiving Point, and although I have yet to try it out, he seems to be doing good things (including hiring a new chef with a lot of ideas).