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Apr 4, 2008 05:31 PM

Restaurant in the 7th for first night?

Hi all,

Well we're leaving for Paris in a mere 5 days! We have our food itinerary set for all but the first night's dinner, since we aren't sure how we'll feel (I tend to not have much appetite after a long flight). Assuming that I feel okay, what do you think of these restaurants? I've read good things about all, but know that trying to get in on the same day without a reservation will be tough. What is your priority order, so we know which to try calling first?

Le Clos des Gourmets
Au Bon Accueil
Auberge du Champ de Mars
Les Fables de la Fontaine
La Fontaine de Mars
Café de l'Homme
Bistrot du 7eme

We're staying in the 7th on rue de l'universite so we want something close for the first night. Which are more likely to accommodate us on short notice? Of course if I'm missing any, please add your suggestions! :)


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  1. I'd suggest either L'Affriole or L'Ami Jean, both of which are on rue Malar, close to rue de l'Universite. Excellent food, great atmosphere and not overpriced. You can find lots of comments on both of these places on this website.

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      Thanks! We're actually already eating at L'Ami Jean the following day, but I'll look into L'Affriole.

    2. The rue de l'Université is one of the longest in Paris. Being jetlagged and all I would suggest you focus on the closest to your place. The café de l'homme is inside the Trocadero, great view on Paris and the Eiffel Tower, food OK, but it is across the river, not that close. The best in your list, foodwise, are le clos, bon accueil and both fontaines. La Fontaine de mars is the most relaxed, bona fide bistrot, whereas the three others are more on the bistronomic side. les fables is a fish restaurant. I'd say take it easy. Our danish friend just left after a week of "let's enjoy Paris" and she was just unable to enjoy anything last night, let me tell you. Leave a note on my blog if you want to meet.

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        Thanks souphie. We are close to the Pont de l'Amla RER if that helps. For Cafe de l'homme, would it be far to take the metro to Trocadero and then walk back after dinner? I also don't want to have to dress up too much that night, so that's why I was thinking that might work. La Fontaine sounds like it would work well, as long as we can get a table.

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          Walking from Trocadero is nice, very direct, depending on the weather. It takes five minutes on the bike, say 15 walking. Le clos des gourmets is probably the closest. None of those places requires you to dress much -- except maybe les fables de la fontaine. Speaking of la Fontaine de Mars, here is a recent video report:

      2. Anna,
        I used to love Au Bon Accueil, but I have had two not very good dinners there since they remodeled a few years ago, so I would skip it. It's been a year since I've been there, but the last time I ate there I vowed I would never go back.

        1. Just posted this on another thread about the 7th. so figured I'd paste it to this one.

          I have always liked Aux Saveurs de Claude- 12, rue Stanislas -tel:01 45 44 41 74.

          Claude trained and worked with Guy Savoy. He does some interesting things at reasonable prices.

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          1. re: Withnail42

            I made a mistake Aux Saveurs de Claude is actually in the 6th. But still a very good spot.

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              I second Aux Saveurs de Claude (M°: Vavin or Notre-Dame-des-Champs).


          2. The easiest choice would be Cafe Constant (139 St. Dominique); they don't take reservations and there is no pressure to order a three course dinner. Try for a table on the main floor.