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Apr 4, 2008 04:55 PM

Bakery goods for Passover

Where in Queens can I find the best macaroons, cookies, cakes for Passover?

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  1. Lettuce,
    The alltime best Passover baked goods are make by Shicks bakery. most Passover pastries are quite nasty but these really "take the cake" if you will.
    They are expensive fyi. You can by them by the pound though (to avoid having to get more than you want) at I think its called Glatt Mart in I think Flatbush. I think it is on Avenue M. You can definitely find their cakes in other places but I like the by the pound option. its not Queens but I am sure in Queens you could also find Shicks.
    I recommend the railroad cake (almond and fruit flavored) and the chocolate roll. Yum. They also make these chocolate bon bon type things that are cookie on the bottom topped with chocolate mousse and covered completely in chocolate. Best right out of the freezer.

    oh I remember a place in Queens! This place called Mauzone. Look them up and give them a call and find out if they carry Shicks.