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Apr 4, 2008 04:50 PM

Best cupcake in Vegas?

I'm heading out to Vegas (from LA) tomorrow to celebrate my bf's birthday. Since I will be arriving a few hours before he does I figured I would use that time to get him a cake or something and have it set up in the hotel room for his arrival. After some thinking I realized a cake is too complicated and is a bit too much, so I'm opting for cupcakes. Apparently the cupcake craze in LA in not quite the same in Vegas. After some research I found 3 cupcake places - The Cupcakery, Cupcake Lane Bakery, and Mad Hatter Cupcakes - and all their reviews seem mediocre at best. I cannot seem to figure out which of the three is better because all of them have had some pretty negative (as well as positive) reviews. The most important thing I'm looking for is taste - a moist, tasty cupcake; looks can come second. I'm not huge on frosting considering most of the time there is way more frosting than one can or would care to eat. Which one is the better cupcake place?? Who has a superb chocolate or red velvet cupcake?

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  1. Best red velvet cupcake would be The Cupcakery.

    1. We really like the Cupcakery, but at our most recent visit, the service really seems to have gone downhill. Cupcakes are good, though!

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        I'd have to give all three cupcake places mediocre best. I've been to all multiple times and each time I expect that "this time" it will be better. Not so. If you're dead set against a large cake for the mess factor I would suggest trying Nothing Bundt Cake. They have mini-bundts that serve one or two and are extremely delicious. They also have the most wonderful cream cheese frosting. There are two locations...Sahara & Durango on the west side or Eastern & Silverado Ranch in Henderson.

      2. Retro Bakery up in North Vegas/Centennial Hills is the real deal! We rented a car JUST to get up there (and to get some frozen custard nearby) and my wife was sighing the whole time ("WHERE in tarnation is this place??? Oh, the places these chowhounders send you to! Are we even still in NEVADA?" ) Well, she is still dreaming about those cupcakes and often wakes me up at night to thank me again. And again.

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          OK, that does it....I'm going there tomorrow. I drive by the place almost daily (I live waaayyyy out there; heck, it seems like its half way to Reno!). I went into the Cupcakery not too long ago and walked out without buying anything...the selection seemed pretty pathetic (only about five varieties) and the cost very expensive. Five bucks for a cupcake???? At least if I go to Retro Bakery I know they'll be good even if they are that expensive there.....I totally trust the hounds who have raved about this place!

          But to the OP: it IS a long drive to get a cupcake if you're on the strip. About 25 miles. You have been warned....

          And to jackattack: Where is the frozen custard "nearby" to Retro Bakery???? I have been craving all things frozen lately. If I could find frozen custard near my house I would be a happy camper.....

          1. re: janetofreno

            There's a Ritters Frozen Custard in North Vegas, not a bad drive from Centennial Hills.......Simmons and Ann Road is the intersection (I think....check their website). It's a chain but the custard is good, and wait untill you see their peanut butter cup ice cream cake thing....wowsa.
            If you sign up on their website for the e-club or whatever, you get a coupon for a buy one get one sundae, and a free sundae on your birthday week!
            One problem I had with Ritters was that the hot fudge was too warm and melted the custard very maybe ask for it on the side if you're into hot fudge.

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              So janetofreno, what did you think of Retro? I ask because after reading jillso's enthusiastic post in an earlier thread, I went there, and (just like someone stated in Yelp) I really wanted to like it. The lady who runs it is very nice, and there are some clever flavor combos. The buttercream icing is certainly tasty, but I thought the cake part of the cupcakes was just average, as if it was made from a boxed mix. Some were better than others, but the chocolate mint one (with great mint buttercream icing) was dry, flavorless, and not very chocolaty at all. None of the cake flavors we tried were better than just OK.

              That said, a more recent thread
              ( ), also initiated by jillso, mentions all-frosting samplers for sale, and that does interest me.

              I'm all for independent new businesses, but am not thrilled with Retro's cupcakes (the cake part, anyway).

              1. re: Steve Green

                Steve - i disagree - actually did a cupcake crawl with 3 young ladies, one of which works for a cupcake store in Boston - we tried cupcakery, mad hatter, cupcake lane and retro. we all agreed Retro was the winner hands down.

                now you might say, just shows how poor the cupcakes are in vegas. well, that might be true, but i've eaten at sprinkle's,auntie em's, leda's ( my personal fav ) dots, violet's, crumbs, vanilla bake shop and yummy to name a few and i think retro holds up to almost all of them.

                just one man's opinion.

                happy eating !

          2. I'm hooked on Mad Hatter's cupcakes. You can customize them to your liking and they're always moist. Even the next day. We've tried most of the varieties but our favorites are the Red Velvet and Island Joy.

            1. Just had two amazing cupcakes from The Cupcakery this weekend:

              El Rolo (Like the candy, Rolo)
              Mound of Joy (like Almond Joy)

              They were both incredible!!