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Apr 4, 2008 04:31 PM

Big group at Sripraphai

Does anyone know if Sripraphai handles big groups? I've been tasked with organizing a mellow bachelor party (i.e. sans strippers and beer-bongs) and thought it might be a good and not-so-obvious choice, but it looks like we're going to be 14. Can they accommodate that big a table? And will they take a reservation for a party that size? And if it's on a Friday, how late will they late us stay?

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  1. I'v eseen tables of 15-20 before there. If the weather is warmer when you have the dinner, you may be able to reserve their outdoor garden out back.

    1. And if for some reason Sri doesn't work out, Ocean Jewels or Jade Asian in Flushing might be a neat choice. Ocean Jewels has a lot of cool private rooms of varying sizes that you might be able to get.

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        Thanks for the info, and for the Ocean Jewels suggestion. I'm actually going to a Chinese wedding banquet there next week.

        1. re: snaporaz

          I hope you write about the food at that wedding banquet. Once I was given a table next to the entrance to the private banquet room and was very tempted to grab some of the elaborate dishes (not on the regular menu) being carried in to the banquet.

      2. Sripraphai does take reservations for large groups, but they might not accommodate you if you can't get there on the earlier side of dinner hours on a weekend. And even on a Friday, they might get pushy if you stay past 10pm (the kitchen closes at 9:30).