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Apr 4, 2008 04:24 PM

Dinner Near Bell Square

My friend and I are brand new to the area and are spending an afternoon shopping at the Bell Square Mall in Bellevue. We'd like to go for dinner afterward, but don't want a chain restaurant, we prefer something that's local to the greater Seattle area.

We enjoy a wide variety of cuisine, fish, american, italian, mexican, pan asian, indian so are open. We'd like to keep the prices moderate not ultra expensive.

We're looking for a place on a Saturday night where the atomosphere is nice and we can sit, relax, enjoy our meal and have good conversation.

Your suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. If you are up for Szechuan there is a very good place within walking distance to the mall--Bamboo Garden (it has its own thread on this board). They do a great dungeness crab. It has nicer than usual ambiance for a Chinese restaurant, btw.

    1. lincoln square across the street has a few good spots. i prefer manzana grill. quieter usually than the rest. mccormick's is a chain but has good quality seafood. avoid the italian place-name escapes me-and trader vic's. if you like japanese-2 block walk takes you to the galleria and yama japanese. quite good. and about 5 minute drive south in old bellevue is bis on main. very good but a little bit $$$. you can thank me later.

      1. Mediterranean Kitchen. Heavy on the garlic, but in a good way.

        Prices include soup, bread and salad (for dinner), restaurant is quiet. They might take reservations, or you might have a wait.

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            They take reservations for 4 or more. On a Saturday it can be impossible to get in unless you come early.

          2. on old bellevue (a short walk away) try ginza..

            1. Porcella Urban Market in Old Town Bellevue