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Apr 4, 2008 03:27 PM

It makes me happy when...

It makes me happy when a hard boiled egg peels easily
It makes me happy when someone eats a meal I've prepared and gets such a look of pleasure on their face when they taste it.
It makes me happy to see my children cook and enjoy food
It makes me happy to try a new recipe and it turns our exactly as I wanted
It makes me happy when the new recipe is declared a "do again" by my family
It makes me happy to taste something that sends my tastebuds soaring

Sometimes the simple things in life are all it takes to make me happy.

What makes you happy? (re: food related)

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  1. It makes me happy when I screw up a new recipe I still learn something regarding ingredients, cooking temperatures, and cookware(that I can apply to the next time I make it...)

    1. It makes me happy when someone says "I never liked X until I tasted this!"

      1. it makes me happy when....
        ....someone goes to a place I have recommended and reports back on how much they liked it!
        ....when someone walks in and smells the room and can't wait to dig in.
        ....when I decide to just make something from whatever I have in the fridge and it turns out delish (although I may not be able to reproduce, LOL).

        1. It makes me happy when I make something different for dinner and my husband not only likes it be eats the leftovers. I have to say he is the pickiest eater I have ever tried to feed. Most foods I suggest he gives a big thumbs down so now I just go ahead and cook what I think looks tasty that day and as of yet he has not boo hoo'd any of it! That makes me extremely happy. no more same old same old.

          1. It makes me happy to try something I've never had before--whether I like it or not. At least I tried it.
            It makes me happy when I enjoy a meal/snack and not feel guilty about calories.