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Apr 4, 2008 02:41 PM

Rotisserie Chicken Place in Pasadena

I never noticed this tiny place til about a week ago walking by, but has anyone tried it? it's on Los Robles, close to Colorado, and if I recall, it's simply called Rotisserie Chicken. The place looks quite small but that Saturday evening, it was packed with people. I'm always on the hunt for a good chicken place in town so I'm hoping some chowhounders can give me feedback on this place. Thanks.

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  1. I was there when it first opened a few months(?) ago, and had something so unmemorable that I can't even remember what it was. I've not been back, if that says anything, and I work just a block away. I ordered my meal to go, and the system for this at the time placed me in the middle of the busy restaurant being shoved this way and that by customers and servers while the cashier rung up the line of orders. It wasn't the most pleasant experience, but maybe they've fixed that by now.

    I usually get in my car and go to Zankou or Pita Pita if I'm craving chicken for lunch.

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      It used to be on Colorado just west of Arroyo Parkway and before that it was further east on Colorado. Many loyal followers (two people I work with eat there for lunch EVERY DAY). I have not tried it.

    2. I think that I was one of those folks who would go to eat there every chance I could - though the hours were not readily posted when they were located on Colorado.

      I think it's rather tasty, especially the rotisserie chicken wraps. It's got a different type of flavoring then Zankou or Pita Pita. It's reasonably priced, so I would recommend giving it a try!