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Apr 4, 2008 02:10 PM

Where to eat near Blue Bottle Coffee?

My husband has been cooped up for 2 years writing his master's thesis. He just turned in a rough draft and this will be his first free weekend day! We are dying to try the new Blue Bottle Cafe, but are also looking for some good, celebratory grub in the area (we're coming from Berkeley). Doesn't have to be super close to Blue Bottle, as we are not opposed to walking a distance and/or hopping on Muni or BART for good food. We are looking for someplace for breakfast as well as someplace for a late lunch/early dinner on Sunday. Places that won't break the bank preferred.

Some places I brainstormed are:

Out the Door
Farmer Brown
Yank Sing
Samovar Tea Lounge
Bay Bread

Any opinions on these or other (better) suggestions?

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  1. Chez Papa "Restro" just opened in Mint Plaza near Blue Bottle. They are doing dinner now, and will start lunch next week. It looks good to me.....

    1. Le Charm is a few blocks away, not sure of their Sunday hrs.

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        They're not open for lunch and don't open for dinner till 5pm. We're looking at eating around 3-4pm

        1. re: chemchef

          I missed early dinner on Sunday. This is a definite complication.

          For breakfast, you should do Dim Sum. Yank Sing is pretty pricey, but I'll bet someone else will jump in with a good value choice here in the city.

          For dinner, Lulu (within easy walking distance) has what they call a "Light Menu" Sunday - Saturday: 3:00pm - 5:30pm

      2. I'm at the BBC too often myself. But in your shoes, presuming they are walking shoes, I might consider heading a block over to 4th Street and going south of the freeway if the weather's nice: Fringale, Zuppa, Coco 500, etc.

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          Fringale doesn't serve lunch and doesn't open till 5:30 for dinner. Likewise, Zuppa doesn't open till 5, and Coco500 isn't open on Sundays.